Get your employees to the right healthcare

Improve your employees’ health outcomes — and lower your company’s healthcare costs. With Accolade, you can do both. We get your people to the right healthcare.

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We help you help your people

Watch our short video for an overview of how Accolade helps you deliver a better health and benefits experience for employees and their families, saves money, and frees you up from day-to-day issues to focus on the bigger picture.

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An innovative approach to population health

Personalized advocacy is a proactive, individualized approach to caring for your entire population.

Especially now, every person in your population needs support. We focus on serving them all, rather than waiting until they are the highest cost. We put relationships front and center, not transactions. With compassion, intelligent technology and clinical expertise, we personalize healthcare support to each person’s unique needs.

We engage people early in the healthcare journey

We proactively identify and engage people before healthcare decisions are made.

Accolade has developed the most comprehensive engagement model in the advocacy industry. We know when a person is using healthcare and engage them early, helping them stay on track.

And our nurses are there at every step of the way, helping improve the experience and outcomes of care.

Carlos - Nurse

The modern day house call for your whole population

We get to know the people we support, earning their trust.

We are real humans who listen, answer questions, resolve issues, educate, and support. We uncover emotional, financial and social barriers to care and help find solutions. The old-time family doctor sought to understand a patient’s full life by making house calls and forming long-term relationships with the whole family. Our team works to gain that same level of insight about every person we support.

Find your solution

Smart technology behind the scenes

We use technology that anticipates needs and empowers our people to help yours.

Not just a good-looking app. Our technology is smart enough to identify a person’s needs, anticipate their behavior, and deliver personalized recommendations. This means our Health Assistants and nurses can take action to help people get to the right program, the right care, and the best doctor at the right time.

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Help your people use their benefits

It’s never been more critical to help them utilize their resources.

Whether working remotely or onsite, people are facing profound disruption and uncertainty that can take a heavy emotional, mental and physical toll. They need a trusted guide who can connect them with the programs that can help – whether virtual health, expert second opinion, diabetes management, 401(k) assistance or other services. We’re on point, making it simple for people to access and use their benefits.

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Your partner for the entire journey

Innovating to help your organization adapt and overcome new challenges

In a time of great uncertainty, Accolade is built for flexibility and change. Our open technology platform gives you the data to make strategic health and benefits decisions for your employees. It gives us the power to innovate fast. Since day one of the COVID-19 crisis, we have delivered new solutions to help employers maintain a healthy and productive workforce.

Healthier ever after

Better support makes all the difference

“My group is very comfortable saying, ‘Accolade is a great resource for you. Please reach out to them and let us know if we can do anything else.’ So, they have taken some of the burden off...A lot of people would say navigator, concierge, but Accolade is a solver for me.”

— Marc Fruth, EVP, Human Resources, Sauder Woodworking

“When I needed help, I was able to talk to someone...even a nurse when I was worried that I was unable to find a doctor to talk to during COVID.”

— Melissa, member at health system employer
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