April 7 2021

Getting the right care with Accolade Total Care Expert Medical Opinion

By Accolade


At Accolade, it’s our mission to give people the tools and support they need to make the right healthcare decisions. That’s why we’re offering 2nd.MD as part of the Accolade Total Care solution. It’s one more way we’re working to transform U.S. healthcare for the better.

Like all our solutions, Accolade Total Care helps members navigate healthcare ecosystems to easily access employer-provided benefits and healthcare resources. Our clinical team utilizes claims history to help members find the right healthcare provider for their needs. They also work with members to schedule appointments and receive follow-ups with Accolade health assistants and nurses.

Reducing healthcare costs

We know that one way to avoid increased costs is to minimize unnecessary surgeries and procedures. That’s why in March 2021, we welcomed 2nd.MD into the Accolade family. We knew their expert medical opinion offering would help our members get the right care, at the right time and from the right provider.

All of this will help us build a more robust suite of solutions to better serve our millions of members and their families.

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By integrating Expert Medical Opinions into Accolade Total Care, we’re creating a foundation to further improve our members’ experiences when dealing with complex health conditions such as cancer, heart disease and mental health problems. To accomplish this, we leverage technology, claims history and an experienced, empathetic frontline care team to help members connect with the right care.

That team will also be able to identify and support patients whose diagnosis might benefit from a consultation with one of the hundreds of top-tier physicians we work with. And we’re able to schedule consultations in a matter of days rather than the weeks that are an industry standard.

These consultations provide members with alternative care options that may be less invasive or more grounded in clinical best practices. Whatever their next steps are, every member will be making decisions with the best information available and the full support of Accolade’s frontline care team. Members also have access to virtual expert medical consultations. Expert Medical Opinion is available as an add-on to Accolade’s other solutions, including Total Benefits and Total Health and Benefits, and as a stand-alone solution.