April 7 2021

Total Care – Now with Expert Medical Opinion

By Accolade


At Accolade, it’s our mission to give people the tools and support they need to make the right healthcare decisions for their unique situation. We’re proud of the results we deliver for our members, but we also know we have a long way to go when it comes to transforming U.S. healthcare for the better. That’s why we’re always working to build on our existing solutions and add new capabilities to better serve our members.

That’s why this March, Accolade closed on its acquisition of Houston-based 2nd.MD, an industry-leading provider of Expert Medical Opinion services. In addition to being a leader in the EMO field, 2nd.MD also stood out as an organization with values that were already aligned with Accolade’s – values driven by a passion to deliver the best healthcare to the most people and improve people’s healthcare journeys.

By bringing 2nd.MD into the Accolade family, we’re able to leverage the technology, expertise, and incredible team that made 2nd.MD successful. This will help us build a more robust suite of Accolade products to better serve our millions of members and their families. Today, we’re happy to announce the first step down that path – the addition of EMO services to Accolade Total Care .

We’ve been floored by the positive change they’re bringing about for their members and we think you will be too.

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Like all Accolade solutions, Total Care already helps members navigate the healthcare ecosystems and engage with employer-provided benefits and healthcare resources. Total Care also helps members find the right healthcare provider for their needs, schedule appointments and engage in follow-ups with Accolade health assistants and nurses.

By integrating a native EMO solution into Total Care, we’re building on a foundation that improves the experiences of members living with complex health conditions such as cancer, heart disease and behavioral health problems while also helping to contain the costs of treatment. To accomplish this, we leverage both technology and experienced, empathetic frontline care team to help members connect with the right care for them.

Now, that team will also be able to identify and support patients whose diagnosis might benefit from a consultation with one of the hundreds of top-tier physicians partnered with 2nd.MD, and connect them with those consultations in a matter of days – rather than the weeks that are standard for the industry.

By quickly delivering live virtual EMO services fast, Total Care members will be able to pursue their care path with confidence – and, where appropriate, they’ll also be informed about alternatives to that initial care path that may be less invasive or better grounded in clinical best practices. Whatever their next steps are, every Total Care member will be making them with the best information available, as well as the full support of Accolade’s frontline care team at their back.

EMO services will also be available as an add-on to Accolade’s other solutions, including Total Benefits and Total Health and Benefits, and as a stand-alone EMO solution. You can learn more about all of Accolade’s solutions here .