Meet Accolade's Leadership Team

The Accolade leadership team brings world-class expertise in healthcare, consumer services, data science, and large-scale change management to reinvent the healthcare experience for individuals, families, and employers.


Chief Executive Officer

Rajeev Singh

“What Accolade has already done, actually changing people’s lives in a way that’s so real and so human, is absolutely inspiring.”

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Chief Innovation Officer

Mike Hilton

“The mission is so inspiring – the lives that have been changed and the successful journey that Accolade has already had – that’s why I’m here.”

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Robert Cavanaugh

“The incredible mission and the spirit of the amazing people here is infectious.”

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Executive Vice President of People and Culture

Britt Provost

“Our employees give their all for our customers and members every day, and to support them, we take a mission-critical approach to company culture. Our strong culture creates opportunity, equity and career growth that contributes to making Accolade an exceptional place to work.”

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Chief Medical Officer

Shantanu Nundy, MD

“As a physician, I see relationships and personalized support as central to high quality healthcare. As an engineer, I see the potential for intelligent technologies to simplify the complexity of healthcare and augment healthcare professionals. What drew me to Accolade is that they are already delivering both at scale and bending the cost curve and delighting patients as a result.”

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Chief Actuary

Carolyn Young

“I joined Accolade because it is so inspiring to be part of a company that is de-mystifying healthcare and truly helping people improve their health.”

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Chief Financial Officer

Steve Barnes

“I love the passion and commitment at Accolade to help every patient, one at a time, receive the best healthcare outcome for themselves and their families.”

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Chief Operating Officer

Phong Nguyen

“It’s inspiring to hear feedback from our customers about the impact we have on their lives. I know I am lucky to be a part of Accolade—to imagine and build products that support this mission and to learn from brilliant people every day.”

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Senior Vice President, Capabilities

Sarah Martino

“Hearing the stories of how our Health Assistants and nurses have impacted our members and their families has inspired me greatly. To be able to get the chance to build a platform that can truly help people and their families during often the most stressful time of their lives is why I came to Accolade.”

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Chief Technology Officer

Harish Naidu

“As the need for innovative digital health solutions grows in our country, so too does Accolade. I’m honored to help drive the technology strategy and roadmap of our expanding company with an eye toward improving the lives of our members every day, all around the country.”

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Executive Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise and Strategic Business

Matt Eurey

”I had the unique pleasure of seeing the Accolade solution come to life from the perspective of two different employers, as I previously led benefits/rewards at Accolade customer companies. I joined Accolade to be able to work with our innovative employers on their rewards strategies and help them optimize their employees’ and family members’ experiences.”

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Executive Vice President, General Counsel, and Chief Privacy Officer

Rich Eskew

“It’s an honor to work for a company that has as its North Star the goal of making people’s lives better. Accessing the healthcare system when you need it the most can be a frustrating process, and we spend every day trying to figure out how to make that experience better and less expensive for our customers and their employee families.”

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Senior Vice President, General Manager, Government Solutions

Mike McGee

“The opportunity to positively impact the lives of our members the way we do at Accolade is a privilege—even more so when doing it with a group of such talented and mission-driven people.”

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Executive Vice President, Operations Enablement

Beverly Gibson

“Healthcare is personal, and we all have a unique story to tell. Somewhere in our stories are usually challenges in dealing with the healthcare system at a time when simplification was needed but complexity was offered. I have been inspired by how Accolade would have made my healthcare experiences much easier, and am continually moved by the power of our solutions.”

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Senior Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development

Bill Morrison

“I wish every individual in the world could have access to Accolade. The healthcare system in the U.S. is so incredibly complex, and having a support team like Accolade to help you find the right resources and make the best healthcare decisions can be a life-changing experience.”

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Executive Vice President and General Manager, Mid-Market Business

Todd Clardy

“It is so inspiring to be a part of a company whose mission is to advocate for people in a way that makes a profound and lasting impact on their lives.”

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Executive Vice President, Operations

David Wyatt

“It’s incredibly humbling to see the positive impact that our team has on the lives of our members. To deliver that impact at scale is powerful, and it’s changing healthcare.”

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Senior Director Talent Acquisition & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Andre Nellams

“I joined Accolade because of the mission, the people and the opportunity to make positive change in a person’s life. Every day is an opportunity to ensure that our amazing employees feel that Accolade is a place where they can bring their 100% authentic selves to work. We want all employees, from Accolade veterans to new hires, to thrive here.”

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Senior Vice President, Platform and Ecosystem Partnerships

Sean O’Donnell

"Throughout my career—from policy making and life science development, to provider services and payers—I’ve been mission-driven to help improve the way healthcare is delivered and experienced by patients and their caregivers. I’ve never worked with a company as well positioned as Accolade who deeply and personally engages with people in such transformational and impactful ways."

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Senior Vice President, Investor Relations

Todd Friedman

“I was inspired to join Accolade because I see no greater purpose than trying to help people live their healthiest life. It is a privilege to wake up every day and live that mission.”

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Senior Vice President, Solutions Management & Marketing

Umair Khan

“A poet once wrote ’work is love made visible.’ These words aptly describe how the Accolade family works together every day to make healthcare more human.”

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Executive Vice President and General Manager

Jason Melton

“We are saving and improving lives every day, giving hope to individuals who are often facing life-changing medical issues by placing them on the path to wellness - to help others is truly a blessing.”

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Senior Vice President and Chief Growth Officer, 2nd.MD

Kristin Herrera

“I am passionate about making a difference in healthcare. I love that we save and improve lives every day at 2nd.MD. It is so inspiring to be part of a team that is committed to getting people on the right treatment path with the right doctor quickly and conveniently.”

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Senior Vice President, Operations

Donovan Campbell

“I love being part of a team dedicated to serving those who face difficult and uncertain healthcare choices by delivering more help, in more ways, to more people than ever before.”

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Senior Vice President, Clinical Solutions

Donna Snow

“It’s invigorating to see and experience our team using their knowledge of the healthcare system and passion to serve to really change the lives of our members. Knowing that our members are less stressed, less afraid, and less overwhelmed when experiencing a medical need is so rewarding.”

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Our Medical Advisory Board

The Medical Advisory Board provides the insight, scientific direction, and expertise needed to change the health and benefits experience for the better.

Joseph R. Betancourt, MD, MPH

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Larry Kaiser, MD, FACS

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Shantanu Nundy, MD

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Jennifer S. Lerner, PhD

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Saul Weiner, MD

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Board of Directors

With years of leadership experience spanning a wide variety of national corporations, the members of our Board of Directors consistently help us make the right decisions to fulfill our mission.

Elizabeth Nabel, M.D.

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Jeff Brodsky

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Cindy R. Kent

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Jeff Jordan

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Peter Klein

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Dawn Lepore

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Tom Neff

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Rajeev Singh

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Pat Wadors

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