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Improving employee health outcomes: ArcBest case study

Accolade Expert MD provides access to world-class medical professionals and specialists.

Improving employee health outcomes: ArcBest case study

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ArcBest®, a multibillion-dollar integrated logistics company with more than 14,000 employees, was looking for a solution that would improve employee health outcomes and their benefits experience. In 2018, they implemented Accolade Expert MD, giving employees easy access to world-class medical professionals and specialists.

Accolade Expert MD provides members with medical certainty and expert medical opinions through live, interactive video consultations that take place within three to five days after initial contact.

Learn about ArcBest’s top priorities as they searched for a solution – and why they chose Accolade. Download the case study using the form.

To date, ArcBest has recorded strong results and improved clinical outcomes from working with Accolade including:

  • More than $600,000 in cost savings

  • 42% surgeries avoided

  • 93% improved treatment plans

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