Expert Medical Opinion

Expert Medical Opinion – by 2nd.MD

We’re proud to welcome 2nd.MD to the Accolade family.

If you’re an individual or an employer looking for a standalone Expert Medical Opinion (EMO) solution, please visit the 2nd.MD website to learn more.

If you’re an existing Accolade Customer, please reach out to your Accolade representative to learn more.



Accolade Total Care with Expert Medical Opinion

Accolade is making access to best-in-class expert medical opinions more collaborative, easier to access and faster than ever before.

Expert medical opinions are key to reducing unnecessary surgeries and procedures, optimizing care and costs. That’s why deep integrations with industry leader 2nd.MD, now part of Accolade, will make it easy for our members to get best-in-class medical consultations within days, not weeks. And members will have the support of Accolade’s clinical team to rely on throughout the whole process.

If you’re an employer seeking a healthcare advocacy solution that includes EMO, we invite you to learn more.


Clinical guidance for every health need

Accolade provides personalized clinical support to individuals and families at every stage of health and care.

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