Accolade Total Benefits

Clear benefits, better outcomes

How we help

Accolade Total Benefits engages people in their benefits and gives them personalized support to understand, use and get more from their benefits. We do this with targeted communication that focuses on the individual.

An Accolade Health Assistant or nurse are always at hand — it only takes a phone call or text to get in touch with them. And whether your employees need help resolving a bill, understanding their benefits coverage or have a health-related need, all they need to do is ask Accolade. Healthcare is complex — at Accolade we make sure taking care of your health isn’t.


The Accolade Total Benefits experience


Better benefits engagement

We help employees understand their benefits to fully utilize what’s available to them and their family. This delivers an individually focused experience your employees will embrace and come back to again and again.


Comprehensive support

With Accolade Total Benefits your employees get more than answers to questions — they get complete, personalized support to address a broad range of their health or benefits needs.


Expert guidance

When your employees have a question about their benefits, all they have to do is connect with an Accolade Health Assistant. These experts know every detail of your organization’s benefits plans to get your employees on the right track.


Help for HR

Give your HR team more time to focus on bolstering your employees’ benefits plan with the tools they need to accurately assess and improve it. Help them focus on recruiting and retaining the talent you want to move your business forward.

Boost your benefits plan, decrease costs with Expert Medical Opinion

As part of Accolade, 2nd.MD gives your employees fast and easy access to specialized information based on their health needs. We work with employees to reduce your costs because the best way to avoid unnecessary surgeries and procedures is with a secondary, expert medical opinion.

We make it easy to get a consultation in days — not weeks. Using claims history, our clinical team ensures your employees get the right guidance to meet with specialists to quickly get the care they need.


Personalized clinical support

Individuals and their families get support at every stage of their healthcare journey

“I absolutely love Accolade! I am thankful our employer offers this service as part of our benefits package. They are very helpful with being a neutral party in explaining bills and benefits. My caseworker Kasey is wonderful. She replies right away and makes sure we get the issue resolved.”

— Lisa, Accolade member, Fortune 100 media company

1 HR Daily Advisor, “Aflac Survey: Only 24% of Employees Fully Understand Their Benefits,” October 16, 2017.