Accolade Total Care

Help your people get high-quality providers and comprehensive support at every stage of care.

How we help

Accolade Total Care helps your people make smart healthcare decisions and supports them at every stage of care. Backed by intelligent technology and leading provider quality data, Accolade Health Assistants and nurses guide members to the right benefits programs and high-quality providers for their needs. We schedule appointments, prepare members for care, follow up after visits, make it easy to get expert medical opinions and provide ongoing guidance — reducing healthcare spending and costs.


The Accolade Total Care Experience


Optimized care

Using robust data, Accolade nurses guide members to the best primary care physicians and specialists based on experience, quality, and cost efficiency. It’s the first step to helping your people get the quality care they deserve.


Improved care compliance

Our nurses work with members to assess their needs, schedule provider appointments, prepare them for visits, help them use benefits programs, and provide ongoing clinical support to improve confidence and compliance.


Better health outcomes

By combining robust provider quality data with personalized support, Accolade nurses are able to build trust with members. It’s this level of trust that allows our teams to better influence healthcare decisions and help improve outcomes.


Reduced healthcare waste and costs

Accolade Total Care addresses key efficiency and cost issues associated with healthcare by helping your employees receive the best, most relevant care. By improving the timing and type of care employees receive, Accolade Total Care reduces healthcare waste and costs.


Live and interactive expert medical consultations

We’re proud to welcome industry leader 2nd.MD to the Accolade family, allowing us to provide a best-in-class medical opinion process.

Getting an expert medical opinion can help members feel confident about their care choices and reduce healthcare spending by avoiding unnecessary surgeries and procedures.


Clinical guidance for every health need

Accolade provides personalized clinical support to individuals and families at every stage of health and care.

“Accolade helped me to understand my healthcare benefits so that I was able to select a service provider within the network and avoid excess expenses. The representatives were all extremely helpful and were proactive in that they were even able to assist me in preparation for my doctor visit by suggesting questions I should ask my doctor. This is an exceptional service. Thank you.”

— Travis, member at Fortune 100 insurance company