Accolade Total Health and Benefits

Improve population health and reduce healthcare costs.

How we help

Accolade Total Health and Benefits applies our full personalized advocacy capabilities to ensure all employees and their families are supported for their health and benefits needs. This solution replaces member services from your company’s health plan and offers complete care management and provider engagement. Employers using Accolade Total Health and Benefits can achieve improved health outcomes for their member population, and substantial, sustainable cost savings.


The Accolade Total Health and Benefits experience


Early and ongoing member engagement

With intelligent technology, advanced and targeted outreach, and integration into healthcare processes like verification of benefits, we engage individuals and influence decisions before they have utilized care.


Comprehensive clinical support

Our nurses and clinical team provide personalized, evidence-based clinical support at all stages of the healthcare journey, whether a member needs help handling acute issues or support to better manage chronic conditions.


Better patient and provider decisions

With insight about each member’s health in the context of their full life, and expertise in their benefits plan, Accolade Health Assistants and clinicians help members partner more effectively with their providers, improving decisions and health outcomes.


Clinical guidance for better population health

Accolade provides personalized clinical support to individuals and families at every stage of health and care.

“This rating is 100% based on my Accolade representative, Aimee. She is hands down amazing. I love having a dedicated representative who knows my family and our needs. The customer service experience can’t be beat and sets Accolade apart light-years from the competition.”

— Lacy, member at Fortune 100 media company