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How virtual primary and mental health care are reshaping healthcare

Accolade Care is a virtual primary and mental health solution based on a collaborative care model to give people access to the care they deserve.

How virtual primary and mental health care are reshaping healthcare

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Virtual primary care and mental health support is essential to providing the quality of care people deserve. Millions of people don’t have easy access to a primary care physician and an increasing demand for mental health support due to the pandemic.

Accolade Care is the future of healthcare — a virtual-first solution that looks at people holistically, meets them where they’re at and incorporates a collaborative model that unifies physicians, mental health professionals and specialists to deliver the care every person deserves.

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Accolade Care: A new healthcare solution

  • The pandemic exposed the many shortcomings that afflict the U.S. healthcare system — it’s time for a change.  

  • We need an approach that’s holistic, human-centered and tailored to people’s needs.  

  • Healthcare is a human experience. People need easy access to virtual primary care and mental health support.

  • Accolade Care is a forward-looking view of healthcare based on a collaborative care model.

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